Check-in is between 15:00 and 18:00
Check-out before 10:00  Cannot be extended.

Dinner at 18:00
Breakfast at 8:00

Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the building.

Gourmets come from all over the country for the many unique Hida beef dishes

Images of each course show servings for four people. The menu will see some adjust according to the seasons.

  • Hodaka course

    Hodaka course

  • Kasa course

    Kasa course

  • Yari course

    Yari course

  • Norikura course

    Norikura course

  • Kitaho course

    Kitaho course

  • Alps course

    Alps course

Great hall

Great hall

Our hotel specializes in steamed Hida beef dishes. We steam the beef in a basket steamer. As like a shabu-shabu, ponzu (vinegar-citrus-soy) and sesame sauces may be added for your enjoyment. Our steamed dishes are unique, bringing gourmets from all over Japan to try them. Savor this marbled meat to the fullest. And the fragrance carried by red sparks make the charcoal grilled dishes among the best three cuisines of Okuhida. You may choose from 6 courses of Okuhida cuisine cooked by a hearth, a hanged pot, a basket steamer, or others.

Breakfast and dinner are served at the banquet hall with sunken hearths. You can enjoy tasteful cuisines with plentiful aromas, including Hida beef dishes, seasonal delicacies, and dishes grilled on the hearth. Eating areas are partitioned according to registered guest group.

Dinner at 18:00/Breakfast at 8:00

Guest rooms

Guest rooms

Guest rooms12 rooms (all with rotenburo open-air baths attached)
Facilitiesdual bath (inside and rotenburo open-air), sink, TV, refrigerator, electric pot, safe
Amenitiesshampoo, conditioner, yukata (loungewear), toothbrush, towel, bath towel, soap, razor, comb
※ Each guest room has two baths attached, an inside bath (Japanese style modular bath) and a rotenburo open-air bath.Soap and shampoo must not be used in the rotenburo open-air baths.
OthersStore/Free parking lot

Available 24 hours a day

All guest rooms have rotenburo open-air baths attached.

Each guest room is provided with a rotenburo open-air bath where you can relax with your family or spouse.

  • Cannot be chosen.
  • Shampoo, soap, and other such products (chemical cleansers/lotions) must not be used in the guest room rotenburo open-air baths.
  • Mt. Kitahotaka

    Mt. Kitahotaka

  • Mt. Okuhotaka

    Mt. Okuhotaka

  • Mt. Maehotaka

    Mt. Maehotaka

  • Mt. Yakedake

    Mt. Yakedake

  • Mt. Minamidake

    Mt. Minamidake

  • Mt. Karasawadake

    Mt. Karasawadake

  • Mt. Kasagadake

    Mt. Kasagadake

  • Mt. Sugorokudake

    Mt. Sugorokudake

  • Mt. Norikuradake

    Mt. Norikuradake

  • Mt. Suishodake

    Mt. Suishodake

  • Mt. Yarigadake

    Mt. Yarigadake

  • Mt. Nishihotaka

    Mt. Nishihotaka

Time passes leisurely as you relax in nature.
Luxurious rotenburo open-air bath matched with the grandeur of nature

Reserved private open-air bath

Reserved private open-air bath

Make yourself at home in the rotenburo open-air baths of the natural hot springs while you gaze at the mountains of Okuhida.
Two private rotenburo open-air baths can be used by turns.

  • Provided with a key.
  • Soap and shampoo must not be used in the rotenburo open-air baths.
Open hours15:00-24:00, 6:30-9:30

Natural hot spring (Shin-Hirayu Onsen) Springs quality: sodium bicarbonates and salts - hydrogen sulfide spring
Effectiveness: neuralgia, diabetes, feminine complaints, intestinal distress, recovery from fatigue, chills, etc.

Large bath (inside bath)

Large bath (inside bath)

The indoor/inside baths are also onsen. (also use water from the hot springs)

Amenitiesshampoo, conditioner, soap, body shampoo, razor, comb, hair dryer, cosmetics, etc.
Open hours15:00-24:00, 6:30-9:30


Areas where soaps may be used.

on the premises
large bath
Reserved private open-air bath
guest rooms
inside bath (Japanese style modular bath)
guest room rotenburo open-air baths


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